8, 2012

It’s been a while for my last post. Bee busy here and there but I try to make it up this fall. Numbers 8 and 2012 have some significance to the world of IT infrastructure. Windows 8 RTM was released to the professionals subscribers of TechNet and MSDN few weeks back and today was the hyped release of Windows Server 2012 RTM. I was probably not the only one that didn’t get the chance to watch the webcast since the site was pretty jammed at the time I tried. Well that was not entirely bad because I noticed that the Server was released to TechNet so it was time to DOWNLOAD!

In the coming days I hope I have some spare time to look at the product more closely and re-image my entire lab to 2012 platform. At the mean time go check out the Server 2012 and download your own evaluation copy from Microsoft.com.

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